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Hi ! My name is Pierre Espaignet.


I am currently an available cg artist.

I was a compositor Artist in Malil'art, Angoulême, and TeamTo, Valence, France.

I worked on TEAM DRONIX season 1, SKYLANDERS ACADEMY season 2, PJ Mask season 2 and other shows, as My Knight and Me, or Raving rabbids. 

I also worked for a big e-sport and gaming convention, the "Gamers Assembly" (Poitiers, France), as an Art Director.

I can adapt to any sort of pipeline, and easily work on Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, Premiere etc...

I made a MANAA in ESMA Toulouse (a year of art preparation), and 4 years of 3D rendering/animation and VFX, then graduated.


I did an internship in a german enterprise, VESCAPE GmbH, where I worked in real-time rendering (video games, character and level design) and as a graphic painter (texturing mostly)
The point was to create several video games for sport machines, there was a biking game for example, a paint ball for treadmills etc..

Video games streamer on twitch, I am passionate with Blizzard games, such as Overwatch.

Also, I am a musician (about 14 to 15 years of practice), piano player in groups and clarinet player in many Philharmonic Orchestras, and a costume designer (cosplaying, and creating mechanical armors)


I wish to discover new ways to work in 3D compositing, rendering and lighting. Working in e-sport made me learn some motion design, and made me create my own pipeline, and that is really what I'm looking for.

I am always trying to do more, to do anything better than what I can currently do, and to help the team go in the right direction more efficiently.

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