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The rain


All aspects, Blender, Davinci Resolve



Streaming pack for the french streamer Potxeca - More coming -


All aspects in Blender




One of my personal project, rendering and simulating a jellyfish, with maya ncloth, and mental ray.


Compositing on Nuke.


The Hero


This is an exercise we had last year.
The point was to create a character based on a historic figure, like Blackbeard, for me.
All aspects done.

Maya, Mental Ray, Nuke.

The Ant


The Ant is my second rendering project using the sub surface scattering on Mental ray.

Here I had to make an insect in its environment.


Using Maya, Mental Ray, and Nuke.


The Toad King


This is the first rendering exercise we did this year in the ESMA.
The point was to render the Toad King (a mudbox base mesh is given free to anyone who want it) with sculpting on mudbox and rendering on mental ray with Sub Surface Scattering.

Furcifer Pardalis


This is my second school project in the rendering section.
All we had to do was to make a reptile, any of our choice.
Our class had to make two, but still we had to make a close-up on only one of the two reptiles.
I chosed the Furcifer Pardalis, one of the most beautiful chameleon I've ever seen.

Softwares used : Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Mudbox
Mental Ray

A Roulettes


In this rendering exercise, we had to create a character based on a job, job which must be in a direct connection with a vehicle with wheels.


Rendering in toon shader, on Maya, Mental Ray.

Ocean Toon



This is a personal job, making an animated ocean, rendered with the toon shader.


Maya and Nuke.


The street



We had to create a street, a street end, etc...

Nothing too big.


Mental Ray rendering,

Compositing on NukeX,

Painting on Mudbox.



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