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And Rigging

Rigging 2014/2015


I made the rig of the 3 characters in my last year short, the old man, Atamananda, the father William and the son James.
You can see here the old man, with a deformable controllers system.

Arm Lifting


Gelly Animation 2013


This is the first real project in my second second year in ESMA Toulouse.
The animation of a little piece of gelly. We were free on what we wanted to do with it, all we had to do was to make it jump twice.

Angry Walk



Acting 2013


This is my final animation exercise of my first second year.
We got an audio extract from de show, and then a character ("Jesus", from the ESMA short movie "Milezim")
Then we had to make the character act on the audio, including the lipsing animation.

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